Saturday, May 12, 2012

End of the Line

Well, short post or not, I'm just gonna say that today at approximately 2:30pm EST, this mage is no more.  You read right, Soulrider1 is gone!  At level 85.65, I've decided to just ultimately pull the plug and simply say that it's not worth continuing when I'm involved in two other games.  Alas, Soulrider1 was chosen as the digit to be severed so the hand may live.  Granted deleting him is a point of no return, but I chose it to be so.

As for this blog, I'm keeping it here as a chronicle.  Yet, it'd be highly doubtful I may find appeal to start over in this game in the future, but now I'm gonna say to all you Isyans, "Farewell, God Bless and may we run into each other again in different games!"

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