Saturday, May 12, 2012

End of the Line

Well, short post or not, I'm just gonna say that today at approximately 2:30pm EST, this mage is no more.  You read right, Soulrider1 is gone!  At level 85.65, I've decided to just ultimately pull the plug and simply say that it's not worth continuing when I'm involved in two other games.  Alas, Soulrider1 was chosen as the digit to be severed so the hand may live.  Granted deleting him is a point of no return, but I chose it to be so.

As for this blog, I'm keeping it here as a chronicle.  Yet, it'd be highly doubtful I may find appeal to start over in this game in the future, but now I'm gonna say to all you Isyans, "Farewell, God Bless and may we run into each other again in different games!"

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another Decision

Well, first time in almost 6-8 months since I've actually gone through a normal 2 hour session in game today.  I'm still at this tough decision:  either just continue on my journey to 100 for Warlock or just cut it off right here while I'm still ahead.  But for the time being, I'll just remain dormant like I have been.

My Fiesta story is possibly one of its own.  While browsing around for another MMO game, I just happen to find this and decided to try it out.  Next thing I know and about 15 months and 85.68 levels later, I'm almost hooked.  One highlight was reaching lvl 60 and Enchanter before my b-day along with graduating from the Wolf_Clan academy to the guild itself.  One truth is, after 60, it gets hard or next to impossible to solo the rest of the game without joining a party for such instances as Crystal Castle or Dragon's Tomb.  Just like any other such game, there's always the usual "my gear's more epic than yours" trip and the shoutin out for a party.  I may be a bit competitive, but not so much where winning's the only thing.

In fact, I've already made my decision for now:  remaining dormant until my ultimate one's made.  Once it's made, everything I have goes and this blog'll end and just remain as a chronicle.  So, once more, good fight, good night!

Spiritshade, Jan. 2011-May 27, 2011

A much needed farewell to my cleric, Spiritshade.  Wanted to keep him on but couldn't seem to keep up with two different characters let alone my mage.  The next thing to do was to pick which one to keep.  Answer's a no-brainer there.

It's just the way I am:  only have one character per game.  Just as Fatal says that Fiesta is a two way street now with the free-to-play and pay-to-win trip, this is the truth I'll explain a bit more in another post.  But for now, let's stick to my late Cleric.

At first I wanted to choose the class for their healing abilities, but chose mage instead for their damage and "Elven" charm.  That said, I just have a thing for elves and spell casting.  So, about 8 or 9 months in the game, I decided to create Spiritshade to see what made clerics tick.  I have until level 21 and later decided to choose who to keep.  Soulrider1 was already in his early 70's when Spiritshade was created and had to let 'im go so I can focus more on the mage.  Yet, the name lives on in a couple other games though.

Anyways, long story short, I had the fun of trying out a cleric for the first 21 levels and had to cut 'im off for Soulrider1 to live on.  Good fight, good night!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Year in Review

Yep, it has been a year since this blog started and maybe 13 or 14 months since Soulrider1 came into the scene.  If you're expecting balloons, piƱatas and them other party favors to recognize this first year of "A Mage's Journey", look elsewhere.  This is more of a time to reflect upon my first of possibly several years of this here game.

At time of post as an 85 Mage, I too have gone through a Felldew effect.  For those that never heard of it or Elder Scrolls, here's the rundown which is better explained in the previous post.  So, the short story is even though a fellow mage in Wolf_Clan has made it to 97, it doesn't mean I have to hit it soon.  It just means that I'll make it, but it's gonna take time and patience to get there.

Again, just another short post to keep fresh on the blog and recognizing Soulrider1's 1st year.  Good fight, good night!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I've Come Too Far to Back Down Now!

Well, it had to hit me again.  I had to play around in Isya once more, gettin my Mage groove back.  After some pep talk with Wolf_Clan master Damien14, I've decided to stay on a bit longer.  This time, not be in so much of a hurry to reach 100.

The thing is that both of us are past the halfway mark, Damien being 93 and I'm still 68.  Yet, it's still like Thadon, Duke of Mania said about Felldew (Elder Scrolls:  Shivering Isles for those unaware), craving the next fix, wanting and hating it at the same time, then hating yourself for all of it (if I'm right).  That is, I'd like to quit and delete Soulrider1 to indicate I'm through, but don't wanna do so since I've to start all over to get to where I'm at now.  Long story short, I'll keep playing the game, but not as much as I had.  I've already made my goal of reaching Enchanter before my b-day and I'll leave the rest to time and patience.  I'm no longer in any hurry to reach 100 since the exp. increases insanely more each level.

Anyway, like the post title says, I'll try to not look at it as how far I've to go, but how far I'd gone.  Good fight, good night!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time to Hibernate

I've thought long and hard about this, but for now, I'm gonna have Soulrider1 hibernate like a bear.  Granted I'm only 32 lvls from Warlock, but from the looks of it, it's gonna be a grind fest just to get him there.  There have been some players that gone for up to a year on just one level.  That's not really me and I've already spent nearly $60 in SparkCash.

On another note, I may end up calling it quits for Fiesta.  First off, I'd only wanted to try it out to see how it's any different than Wizard101.  That's right, Asda Story was the first MMO I can remember playing, but 101 there was the first I'd truly involved myself into.  Second, I've also about 80-90 console games I hardly play much often now.  If so, it had been fun while it lasted and as before, leveling would be such a grind fest.

Until next post (yep, I'm gonna keep posting till I do decide to quit), good fight, good night.  May change my mind later, but this here's gonna be my decision for now.

Monday, September 27, 2010

65 and Doing Fine for Now

Well, just as it says, I finally made said level last night and already upgraded my Magic Blast and Frost Nova to start off with. The twin swords on my back are just a cash shop item which I gotten at 60 and wanted to use for job change. Problem there was that it came into my backpack the following day but it's alright.

For those who don't know, Magic Blast 3 allows an instant cast and use while running like Lightning Bolt and Blast. Nothing new with Nova 2 other than it being an upgraded version. The fun part: I was able to hit them queen spiders solo with little or no additional help but still would welcome it. With Fear in hand, should they come too close, I'd hit 'em with that and start my usual combo again until they turn back my way.  Other than that, I've a feeling that it's gonna be fine leveling for now.

Once again, til next post, "Good fight, good night!"